The EU Referendum

The EU Referendum – William Frederick Speaks To The Nation

Wondering how to vote in the EU Referendum? You’re a person with a social conscience. Right? You’ve seen what’s happened to the economies of Greece, of Portugal and of Spain, who as you know, are in deep financial trouble but did you know that their workers’ rights have been undermined by the EU? If you want to know how TTIP is going to work and how, for instance, Coca-Cola will be able to sue our Government for millions of pounds if we mandate a reduction in sugar levels in fizzy drinks for health reasons; if you want to see how the Remain campaign is being funded by the private American Federal Reserve banks, Goldman Sachs, J.P.Morgan and Morgan Stanley; and if you want to see how EU membership has crushed our fishing industry, then put an hour aside and watch this essential video. It’s a game-changer. If we vote to remain in the EU, I think that you and your children and grandchildren will live to regret it. In fact, you’d have to be nuts to vote for remaining in the EU.

There’s no point sitting there and saying, “I’ve already made my mind up. I’m for remaining.” My advice to you is open your mind, THINK and vote to leave the EU.  You don’t have the right to sell your children and grandchildren into European Union slavery. Think what you are doing and free future generations to live and trade with Europe from outside of the European Union. Leaving the EU does not mean closing our doors on Europe. It means stopping the unelected European Commissioners ruling the United Kingdom instead of our own elected Parliament.

Syrian Immigrants Rape Charge

Syrian Immigrants Rape Charge

Three Syrian men and a 16yr old boy have been charged with the rape of a 14 year old Newcastle girl.  I will leave it to the BBC and not attempt to sway your opinion with my own words except to say that this is what happens when you try to forcibly integrate a backward looking misogynistic culture with our own!

Link to the BBC report.  Or you can read the text below, copied word for word.

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Some learned thinking about the EU (European Union)

Thoughts about the EU (European Union) and why we should leave it…

It has just come to my notice that we are soon to be given a referendum about the European Union (or to put it in the common parlance, the EU).  I will put forward balanced arguments for and against our remaining in the EU.  Firstly I shall make the case for the LEAVE THE EU or BREXIT campaign:  Forty odd years ago I remember my parents voting for membership of something called the EEC or European Economic Community.  I didn’t get to vote on this as I was a bit too young.  Gosh, how I wish to be able to say that more often!  If you are younger than me and the EU is all you have known, don’t let your judgement be clouded by Cameron’s scare stories about the economy, Great Britain is still the fifth largest global economy and we are more than capable of trading all over the world in our own right just like we used to.  My parents certainly did not vote for membership of the EEC.  It was that yacht sailing idiot, Prime Minister Ted Heath that signed us up for it.  This was reaffirmed in 1975 by Harold Wilson when he gave us a referendum for staying in the EEC, when sadly I was out voted by trendies who thought that cheap French wine and soft cheese were very important to their lifestyle.

If you don’t do anything else before you vote in the EU Referendum at least watch this short video…  PLEASE CLICK HERE  It may help you decide to vote in a sensible way.

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What should we do about the BBC?

William Frederick, on the BBC

I’m a British chap.  Well, someone has to be, don’t they?  In the UK we have the BBC.  The BBC are our national broadcaster, funded by the good old TV Licence paying public.  The BBC are known for constantly whining on and on about their funding.  “How can we produce quality output without another £100 kazillion quid (compounded up of course, year on year, just like what the bankers do).  It’s only what we deserve for our balanced, tolerant and enlightened, artistic genius”.  This author disagrees.

The BBC Logo
The BBC. A national asset or just a bunch of over privaledged toffs sponging from the TV License paying public? You must decide!

I used to be a supporter of the BBC but now I have slipped away from them and joined the ever growing throng of people that think they are nothing but a great big fat waste of money.  (Or what our American cousins would call a boondoggle).  No longer do the BBC stand for truth, honesty and fair play.  Now they have their own political agenda.  The BBC have become the home of the luvvie.  A club for posturing leftie do-gooders.  A shrine for the lacklustre.  A haven where interns (the useless offspring of the well connected) stand around all day, drinking lattes.  You can identify an intern very easily by simply asking their name, which will be something like Lettice, Peregrine, Epiphany or Rafferty.  Of course, if you listen to their ‘heads-of’ (everyone at the BBC is the ‘head of’ something or other), they are all fabulous and we should consider ourselves grateful to have them.  …Okay Yah!  What’s more they are criminally over paid!  (See comments for clarification)

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that have recently made off with my goat.  The Beeb or Aunty (to use their 1970s sobriquets) is a nationalised broadcasting organisation that used to be known for its quality output.  This must be true because Whoopi Goldberg used to say so in one of their self-advertisements.

That quality has at the very least become questionable and some would say that it has simply gone, which will become more apparent as I progress through the following few topics.

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Hooded Crow attacks the home of William Frederick author.

Hooded Crow (aka Hoodie) attacks the home of William Frederick! (Author and decent chap).

On Monday, Beloved had a frantic cleaning frenzy which included washing most of the windows in our home.  Whilst this was occurring, I of course, snuck off and lurked by my Froggie Pond, threatening the Dragonfly Larvae with dire consequences should I catch them with my specialist equipment, a tea strainer taped to a walking pole.  I chanced to notice a Hooded Crow raucously cackling at me from a large tree nearby.  “Kwark… Kwark…” the Hoodie said.  This translates as, “I’m going to crap all over your windows, fatty!”  On my return, I was duly impressed at Beloved’s progress and made appropriate noises when I sidled in from our wilderness garden.  “Cor!… Wow!…” and “Phew!” said I approvingly.

image of Hooded Crow outline on window
Hooded Crow Splat mark showing the outline of a Hooded Crow impacting the window.

The place was punishingly tidy and clinically cleansed in a way that only the fairer sex can achieve.  The windows were so clean we could see for miles, well, at least as far as the hills over the other side of the loch and that’s quite far enough for me.  Any further and you’re into the realms of Johnny Foreigner!

Yesterday we ventured north and drove our trusty steed up to Oban, filled it with food and wine and came back again.  A sensible sort of foray done on a day when we thought that Oban might be quiet and devoid of kids running around like a hoard of horrid little snot goblins.  It wasn’t and I was soon knee deep in screaming kids.

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Cologne sex attacks – The consequences of mass immigration

Cologne sex attacks: Germany’s
De Maiziere criticises police!

Enough is enough! – This author speaks out!

Cologne sex attacks – Arab Welfare Invader spits at blonde haired woman on New Year’s Eve
Cologne sex attacks – Young blonde haired woman is attacked by Welfare Invaders.

Author’s note:- I have taken the opportunity of re-blogging an article about the Cologne Sex Attacks from the BBC who finally put it on their website.  It is worth noting that most major UK newspapers, especially The Guardian and The Independent dragged their feet before the overwhelming surge of information coming from Germany forced them to publish.
Certain newspapers have taken the view that we should welcome this flood of economic welfare invaders with open arms as they head to Europe, through Italy and Greece, from North Africa.
My Beloved and I have long held broadly left wing leaning views but we look aghast at the naivety of today’s young left wing. They are spouting unrealistic 20th Century dogma with no thought of the consequences for our societies today. They need to reevaluate their narrative before it is too late. Their incredibly naive position that we must welcome incomers with open arms and provide them with food, housing and health care at our expense is suicidal.

German, Finnish and Swedish Politicians have gone completely insane and the left wing in the UK want to join them.


Watch this video!
The Rape of Europe – Paul Joseph Watson

Agent Bertram called to Buckingham Palace!

Agent Bertram called to Buckingham Palace!

It was a Saturday

It was early morning and someone was knocking on Agent Bertram’s front door.  ‘This can’t be good.  It has to be bloomin’ Buckingham Palace.  If I’m wanted at the Palace, it’s always on a bloody Saturday, in my own time,’ thought Agent Bertram dragging his dressing gown over his crumpled nightshirt and stumping downstairs to the front door.  ‘The one day that I get to have a nice lie in and then traipse around the shops with my Beloved… and that’s the day they choose to knock on the front door at eight in the morning just when normal decent folk are settling down to a few more zeds!  However, as traipsing around the shops looking for wedding paraphernalia is not quite my idea of heaven, this could be a blessing in disguise…

Outside, standing on the front step of Bertram’s Gower Street home in London’s Bloomsbury area, was a middle-aged man dressed in a chauffeur’s outfit.  He, being from Buckingham Palace, looked immaculate.  Bertram scowled at him and glanced over his shoulder towards a Bentley Mulsanne car that positively oozed the colour black.  This black was so deep and the paintwork so scratch-free that if it were not for the colourful Royal Crest on the passenger door, subtly announcing the vehicle’s provenance, it would have been difficult to determine if the car was really there at all.

“Something’s up at The Palace then, eh?”  ventured Bertram speculatively.
“I can see why you are Her Majesty’s Special Agent… and I am merely the chauffeur,” drawled the man in the thickest of soupy tones.

Image of Buckingham Palace
Agent Bertram visits Buckingham Palace

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Agent Bertram vs Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne / Agent Bertram – the comparisons.

Master the Spy Field Craft of Agent Bertram and Jason Bourne, learning how to emulate them in the field.  We make comparisons between Jason Bourne and Agent Bertram, man of mystery and pizza.

This post has been adapted from an article by The Lone Iguana to whom we are deeply indebted.

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What went wrong in Paris?

What went wrong in Paris?

Frankly I am depressed, even for a Secret Agent.  Here in the UK our Secret Services, MI5, MI6 or the SIS as they now like to be called, and my own people at The SIM or The Ministry as I call it, more accurately named The Sovereign Intelligence Ministry, have access to a myriad of intelligence gathering methods.  The technological sophistication is mind boggling!  If you can conceive it, then it is more than likely that we are already doing it.  After the total failure of the French Secret Service to forewarn the people of Paris of an impending terrorist attack, this begs the question, what went wrong in Paris?

Paris - What went wrong?
What went so dramatically wrong in Paris?

Eavesdropping and Scanning?

We scan every email that you send.  We eavesdrop on your telephone conversations.  We have access to satellite imaging that can track the movement of individual vehicles and people.


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