Another Autumn Update.

Autumn is without doubt, my favourite time of year.  This morning we were treated to our first hard frost of the season, after a night of clear sky where The Plough cut its furrow in the northern sky and Orion hunted in the southeast.  The Little Bear could be seen plainly and The Milky Way appeared as a streak of white running from Northwest to Southeast at the time of observation, before the cold forced me back in to the warm coziness of our log home.  So, I feel moved to copy for you, an update from the facebook page that I set up some time back, to warn of what Agent Bertram might be getting up to.

The update…

The sands of time that lured upon our house are now in the deep bosom of Loch Awe, buried… in the windmills of your mind, any way the wind blows…

The season moves on and last night we had our first good hard frost, patches of which still linger in the hollows even now, at 10:30, as I sup my early morning coffee.

Our Realm
Our realm, overlooking Loch Awe

There is a flock of Wheatear nabbing rowan berries from the Binky tree at the back of the house. I’d guess that about two dozen of these striking birdies are scootling out of the cover of the larger trees, that line the river only ten yards away to raid the small, three year Rowan that we planted to mark the graves of our cats Binky, Patch and Henry.

Walter the Wheatear

They mingle well with the Chaffinches, their smaller companions, as they all feast on the berries which seem to have been cooked to perfection by the frost.

Chuffy the Chaffinch

Accompanying them are Robin (our friendly neighbourhood Robin) and Jenny the Wren who are both vying with each other as they flit across log and bush in search of unwary bugs, waking up and having a stretch as the sun warms them. Not the best of awakenings for a fair few of them, who quickly find themselves experiencing avian peristalsis at first hand.
I’d get out and do something major today as the weather is wonderful but I have come down with a bout of seasonal mellow fruitfulness. Sad but there you have it…

Robin the Robin


Jenny the Wren
Jenny the Wren

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    1. Thanks Joy! I do view Argyll as God’s own country but it is so easy to forget the winter once spring arrives. Right now it’s wet, wet, wet and the track up to our place has once again washed out. A 4×4 is essential. :O)

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