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New Book Releases – A report from Agent Bertram

New Book Releases.  Mr William Frederick has done it again.  He has just finalised the artwork for his second book to be entitled Bertram & Gertrude’s Extra Sensory Spy.  See more below….

The book cover depicts Agent Bertram trying out a Remote Viewing drug.  Can he stop the American CIA or the Russian FSB… or even his own British MI6 from getting their paws on this psychotropic masterpiece?  Because if he doesn’t stop them, mayhem will surely ensue.

Now available at :- 
You can download from Spangaloo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Kindle, iTunes, inktera, Createspace (paperback).

Agent Bertram is once again seconded to the Dutch Secret Service to help locate a kidnapped scientist and to determine which organisation has taken him.  He discovers treachery in the laboratory where the scientsit works and a battle of cat and mouse being played out between the CIA, the FSB and MI6 on the streets of Amsterdam.  Who will win through?  It’s anyone’s guess.  Agent Bertram discovers a Ministerial hand at work behind the scenes as he struggles to save his friends in the Dutch Secret Service from being disbanded by the corrupt Minister For Internal Affairs.

All sorts of hilarious shenanigans transpire to make this a truly memorable volume.

Remember, each book has a happy ending and if you are dissatisfied in any way you may activate our Genuine no Money Back Guarantee.  You can’t say fairer than that!

It will be published soon as an e-Book with the major publishers and in Paperback.

Agent Bertram – the terror of spies and pies everywhere!

Watch this space!


extra sensory spy release

Extra Sensory Spy – The new cover!


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