The great American election fraud

a brief look at the American election
The Whitehouse Washington D.C.

A brief look at the American election fraud.

This is worthy of a full blown movie and no doubt many will be made, in the years to come.  The voter fraud in America, designed to cheat Trump out of his second term, is utterly spectacular.  This will be the biggest political event in our lifetime.  The corrupt mainstream media are fully on board with covering up the fraud but that’s no surprise as they have spent the last 4 years trying to bring down The Donald.  The perpetrators have had plenty of practice as it was the same fraudulent shenanigans that got Obama elected in 2012 and almost got Hillary Clinton into power in 2016 but they failed because they never imagined just how large The Donald’s vote would be in that election.  I’m not surprised that Hillary threw a bottle of champers worth $800 at a TV monitor when she heard that she’d lost.

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump – President of the United States

The evidence

The evidence of widespread and overwhelming fraud is out there and it’s not difficult to find for those of us who care to look.  No longer can we rely on the BBC, Channel4 News, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, CBS, et. al. because they are part of the problem.  They all hate Trump and have been converged by screeching radical Marxist loonies.  You can expect only extreme leftist propaganda from these people as they support the globalist agenda and are opposed to the sovereign nation state epitomised by Trump’s ‘America First’ platform.

After several run-ins with friends whose minds have been poisoned by the BBC over the last four years, I have decided to highlight some of the salient information to point those of you who want to know in the right direction.  I cannot, and will not, try to provide evidence to satisfy everyone.  The last run-in was with a very dear old friend of 57years who insisted that there is no evidence of fraud.  I think that he would have been more credible if he’d said that he had not ‘seen’ any evidence because he listens to the biased bilge that the BBC and others are pumping out. Proper journalism is dead and has been replaced by ‘gotcha’ idiots that write whatever their owners tell them to. 

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani – United States attorney


You have to do the research for yourself.  The corruption has gone so far, this is the only way that you will believe what you see.  I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine of choice as Google is a major player in the Get Trump mob and their algorithms can’t be trusted, just like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter who are censoring people’s videos, posts and tweets with a vengeful idealistic zealotry. 

Just some of their shenanigans have been :-

Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

This is a huge story.  Joe Biden’s son Hunter placed his laptop into a repair shop and failed to reclaim it.  When it was handed in and examined it was found to contain extensive information about his business dealings in Ukraine and China on behalf of his father Joe.  There was also child pornography and photos of Hunter smoking crystal meth or crack cocaine.  This is one dodgy man.

Scorecard & Hammer

The servers holding these programs were in Frankfurt and Barcelona.  After an alleged gun fight and the deaths of five US soldiers, the Frankfurt servers are now in the hands of the Trump authorities.  It is reported that Gina Haspel an American intelligence officer serving as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency since 2018 was injured in this fire fight.  Where is she now?  It may be that she is in custody and some reports say that she is in Guantanamo.  But she may be dead.  Who knows?  Only time will tell.

Scorecard & Hammer.  These are the two programs that have been used to manipulate the vote database.  The ‘glitches’ that you may have heard about during the count, were caused by these programs being used to flip Trump’s votes onto the Biden score.


Multiple Counts of Voting Forms.  There is video evidence and sworn affidavit evidence from many observers that piles of voting forms were put through the counting machines multiple times.

Count shutdowns during the night.  (This is unprecedented).  In six states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada) the count was stopped for bogus reasons, the counting halls were cleared of witnesses, vans turned up full of voting forms for Biden and these fraudulent voting forms were put into the system and counted without there being any chain of custody checks or due diligence.  All six counts were halted at the same time in the early hours on 4th November.  Smell a rat?  More on this below.


There have been several cases of over-voting.  Pennsylvania, amongst others, has received more votes than there are people living in the count district.  This is a glaring example of reckless corruption.

The dead have risen

The Dead.  Yes it’s true.  In many cases the dead have got out of their graves and voted for Joe Biden. I have yet to see an interview with one of these voters.  Or could this be more fraud? 

Lin Wood
Lin Wood – United States attorney

Pre printed ballot forms

Ballot forms, pre printed in favour of Biden.  A significant number of ballot forms have been found with the selections pre printed.  This marking must be done by hand or the form is illegal.  Here the circles that should be hand written have been printed as part of the ballot form.  These were marked in favour of Biden.

Out of state votes

Out Of State votes.  People have been allowed to register and vote when they do not live in that state.  This is illegal.

The Trump team has filed a lawsuit alleging that 40,000 people voted twice in Nevada. They presumably have proof to back up this claim. 

Vote Curing.  In some places people have been allowed to amend their ballot if it was not filled in correctly but not all voters were given that opportunity, especially in Republican areas.  Funny how so many of these went to Biden.

Sharpie Pens.  Most voters who showed up to vote in person on the day were Trump supporters because Biden supporters were told to vote by mail by his campaign.  Some vote centres forced people to use Sharpie pens to fill in their vote forms.  The specified pen is a ballpoint.  Voting machines will automatically reject felt tip markings and the form will be disqualified.  

Atomic Water Marks.  Legitimate ballots use special paper and watermarks but there has been a lot of speculation that Trump had secretly also utilised an individually identifiable atomic watermark on every legitimate voting form.  All those dodgy forms that turned up during the dark of the night can be easily spotted and disqualified should it come to it.

Weighted Race Feature

Weighted Race Feature.  This is a tad complicated but the votes are supposed to be apportioned to either Biden or Trump as they are scanned in.  Every vote tally should be whole numbers.  The votes should not be ‘weighted’, that is, apportioned by the software.  Weighting is done in opinion polls, not in an election.

However it would seem that they have been apportioned by the machines in a % split.  Current thinking suggests that a vote for Trump was split and some portion of this went onto the Biden count.  This is given away in the data by numbers using a decimal point like 10,000.35 If such decimal numbers appear in the results data they have been calculated, not counted.  I have to do more digging here or more probably I’ll await the data experts’ opinions.  This is being done as I write.  Rudi Giuliani is has presented evidence in Arizona and Michigan explaining why their election results have been rigged.  


Treason.  This is much bigger than a stolen election which in itself amounts to a coup to change the government of the US through illegitimate and illegal means.  There is evidence of foreign influence and interference in what is clearly a national security issue.  President Trump has taken measures to make sure that the miscreants can be prosecuted for Treason.  The people responsible have colluded with outside powers such as China (Biden and son have taken millions of dollars from China), Venezuela (Dominion voting machines are linked with the Chavez regime and were used to steal elections there), Iran (the data was apparently routed via there), Serbia (many of the programmers originated there), Germany (the rogue CIA servers were sited in Frankfurt), Spain (the rogue CIA servers were mirrored in Barcelona).  There may be other regimes involved in the election interference but it may be too sensitive to ever reveal them.  The American citizens responsible will not necessarily be tried in a criminal court.  A charge of TREASON means that Military Courts Martial can be utilised.

Military Courts Martial

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo.  The facility at Guantanamo Bay has been massively increased in size over the past four years.  Courts Martial are now situated there.

The Kraken

The Kraken.  Sidney Powell, Attorney, announced 14th November 2020 that the Kraken Has Been Released.  This was even mentioned by the sneering main stream media who didn’t understand what she was saying.  ‘The Kraken’ is the name by which the US Army 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is known.  These people are world experts in cyber security.  It is they who were monitoring the election results in real time and have captured all of the data evidence needed to progress charges and ensure the true election result is known.

Sidney Powell
Sidney Powell – United States attorney


When all of this eventually emerges and the extent of the treason is known, Donald Trump will be inaugurated on 20 January 2021 and will remain the President of the United States for four more years.  Election integrity is key to reestablishing free and fair elections going forward and may yet be Donald Trump’s greatest achievement to save the Republic.  If that doesn’t bring the country back together again, whatever people’s political affiliations, nothing will.

To follow… The Biggest Movie Ever!

What should we do about the BBC?

William Frederick, on the BBC

I’m a British chap.  Well, someone has to be, don’t they?  In the UK we have the BBC.  The BBC are our national broadcaster, funded by the good old TV Licence paying public.  The BBC are known for constantly whining on and on about their funding.  “How can we produce quality output without another £100 kazillion quid (compounded up of course, year on year, just like what the bankers do).  It’s only what we deserve for our balanced, tolerant and enlightened, artistic genius”.  This author disagrees.

The BBC Logo
The BBC. A national asset or just a bunch of over privaledged toffs sponging from the TV License paying public? You must decide!

I used to be a supporter of the BBC but now I have slipped away from them and joined the ever growing throng of people that think they are nothing but a great big fat waste of money.  (Or what our American cousins would call a boondoggle).  No longer do the BBC stand for truth, honesty and fair play.  Now they have their own political agenda.  The BBC have become the home of the luvvie.  A club for posturing leftie do-gooders.  A shrine for the lacklustre.  A haven where interns (the useless offspring of the well connected) stand around all day, drinking lattes.  You can identify an intern very easily by simply asking their name, which will be something like Lettice, Peregrine, Epiphany or Rafferty.  Of course, if you listen to their ‘heads-of’ (everyone at the BBC is the ‘head of’ something or other), they are all fabulous and we should consider ourselves grateful to have them.  …Okay Yah!  What’s more they are criminally over paid!  (See comments for clarification)

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that have recently made off with my goat.  The Beeb or Aunty (to use their 1970s sobriquets) is a nationalised broadcasting organisation that used to be known for its quality output.  This must be true because Whoopi Goldberg used to say so in one of their self-advertisements.

That quality has at the very least become questionable and some would say that it has simply gone, which will become more apparent as I progress through the following few topics.

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Hooded Crow attacks the home of William Frederick author.

Hooded Crow (aka Hoodie) attacks the home of William Frederick! (Author and decent chap).

On Monday, Beloved had a frantic cleaning frenzy which included washing most of the windows in our home.  Whilst this was occurring, I of course, snuck off and lurked by my Froggie Pond, threatening the Dragonfly Larvae with dire consequences should I catch them with my specialist equipment, a tea strainer taped to a walking pole.  I chanced to notice a Hooded Crow raucously cackling at me from a large tree nearby.  “Kwark… Kwark…” the Hoodie said.  This translates as, “I’m going to crap all over your windows, fatty!”  On my return, I was duly impressed at Beloved’s progress and made appropriate noises when I sidled in from our wilderness garden.  “Cor!… Wow!…” and “Phew!” said I approvingly.

image of Hooded Crow outline on window
Hooded Crow Splat mark showing the outline of a Hooded Crow impacting the window.

The place was punishingly tidy and clinically cleansed in a way that only the fairer sex can achieve.  The windows were so clean we could see for miles, well, at least as far as the hills over the other side of the loch and that’s quite far enough for me.  Any further and you’re into the realms of Johnny Foreigner!

Yesterday we ventured north and drove our trusty steed up to Oban, filled it with food and wine and came back again.  A sensible sort of foray done on a day when we thought that Oban might be quiet and devoid of kids running around like a hoard of horrid little snot goblins.  It wasn’t and I was soon knee deep in screaming kids.

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Agent Bertram called to Buckingham Palace!

Agent Bertram called to Buckingham Palace!

It was a Saturday

It was early morning and someone was knocking on Agent Bertram’s front door.  ‘This can’t be good.  It has to be bloomin’ Buckingham Palace.  If I’m wanted at the Palace, it’s always on a bloody Saturday, in my own time,’ thought Agent Bertram dragging his dressing gown over his crumpled nightshirt and stumping downstairs to the front door.  ‘The one day that I get to have a nice lie in and then traipse around the shops with my Beloved… and that’s the day they choose to knock on the front door at eight in the morning just when normal decent folk are settling down to a few more zeds!  However, as traipsing around the shops looking for wedding paraphernalia is not quite my idea of heaven, this could be a blessing in disguise…

Outside, standing on the front step of Bertram’s Gower Street home in London’s Bloomsbury area, was a middle-aged man dressed in a chauffeur’s outfit.  He, being from Buckingham Palace, looked immaculate.  Bertram scowled at him and glanced over his shoulder towards a Bentley Mulsanne car that positively oozed the colour black.  This black was so deep and the paintwork so scratch-free that if it were not for the colourful Royal Crest on the passenger door, subtly announcing the vehicle’s provenance, it would have been difficult to determine if the car was really there at all.

“Something’s up at The Palace then, eh?”  ventured Bertram speculatively.
“I can see why you are Her Majesty’s Special Agent… and I am merely the chauffeur,” drawled the man in the thickest of soupy tones.

Image of Buckingham Palace
Agent Bertram visits Buckingham Palace

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Agent Bertram vs Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne / Agent Bertram – the comparisons.

Master the Spy Field Craft of Agent Bertram and Jason Bourne, learning how to emulate them in the field.  We make comparisons between Jason Bourne and Agent Bertram, man of mystery and pizza.

This post has been adapted from an article by The Lone Iguana to whom we are deeply indebted.

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Midnight Raid by Pine Marten!

Midnight Raid by Peter the Pine Marten.                                      Shock horror exposé probe! – William Frederick

Before I launch into the exploits of our local Pine Marten I would like to mention the weather.  We seem once again to be following in the footsteps of our American Cousins in that we, in the UK, have started naming our storms.  The Cousins must find it hilarious that the Brits feel compelled yet again to copy what they have done.  In fact I have it from a colleague in the Foreign Office that the Whitehouse have a monthly meeting were hilarity oft ensues as they think up ever more bizarre things for us to imitate.

Yesterday and today we have been mauled by autumn storm Abigail which, if described as wild, would amount to an understatement of epic proportion.  As I write this deathless prose, our slatted wooden ceilings are heaving up and down and creaking like a pensioner’s back, due to the the pressure changes in the loft as one wave of wind crashes against the house, followed by another.  The wave analogy works just fine for me, I know full-well that it’s not water but invisible air crashing onto the roof and walls which behaves just as though we are in a wild tumultuous ocean.  In compliance with the alphabetical storm naming of our Cousins, we will no doubt soon be visited by some more seasonal storms, given in our case, wimpish names like storm Bartholomew followed storm Camilla.

before the storm
the view over the loch before storm Abigail

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Autumn storm blows in, William Frederick

Autumn storm blows in

Early this morning at the crack of ten, I was in the kitchen manfully holding a mug of nearly hot coffee whilst looking out of the window at the majestic array of autumnal colours that bedeck the mature trees lining the banks of our local river.  In its turn, the river was tumbling joyously down the glen to pass by our isolated home at a distance of some thirty yards before it headed on down to the loch.  The leaves displayed every hue and shade of earthy red, turmeric yellow and brown selected from the brief autumnal colour spectrum.  The rich golden ochre of the silver birch gave way to the golden red foliage of our rowan trees.  The golden brown oaks blended into the golden bronze of the hazel, which in its turn vaulted purposefully into the deep golden brown of the alder before being brought to an abrupt halt as the author had run out of autumnal colours, even golden ones!

An image of autumnal trees by a Scottish loch
Autumnal trees by a secret loch in Scotland

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Three blind mice, with jolly good eyesight!

I hates meeces to pieces!

Further to my recent post regarding a foreign and completely unauthorised mouse found living the high life in our car, Beloved and I thought that the sorry story was now over, especially in view of my bit of advanced mouse whispering.

meeces to pieces
Picture of Mr Jinks

As a precaution, we put the humane traps back in the car on a ‘just in case’ basis, feeling sure that this was more of a belt and braces precaution than a concern, as I’m sure that you will understand.

Imagine our horror when on jumping into said car this afternoon we discovered THREE MICE in one of the humane traps!!!

Mouse whispering was once again employed. But today, it was at full volume!  I opened the trap and placed it into the long grass shouting, “Fu** O** you furry little bas****s!”

I think that it’s time for a new car…

Please donate vast sums of money to William Frederick, Author and thoroughly skint chap… or buy my books!  :O)

[For our American cousins who may not know the word skint, it means broke, having no money and being completely without funds].

The sweet taste of, “I was right!”

“I was right!” or rather Beloved was right and, as her partner and protector, I was right too!

Do you ever wish that you could put someone down like Woody Allen does when he suddenly produces the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan in the film Annie Hall?  You remember… It’s the scene where Woody and Annie are standing in a movie queue waiting to take their seats in the cinema.

Hang on a mo’.  I’ll get the clip for you…

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The Back Seat Driver Mouse

You may have noticed a certain abundance of wildlife stories in my blog.  I retired to Argyll, self built a log home with Beloved and settled down to write.  It was then that the mice found a drainage hole that I had not blocked and made an invasion of said home.

Author’s note: Mouse holes are notoriously difficult to block as the nippy little buggers refuse to keep still.

Image of a mouse in a car
Have mouse, will travel…

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