Extra Sensory Spy

Bertram & Gertrude’s Extra Sensory Spy

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Imagine this…  if you dare…

Agents Bertram & Gertrude, are called to Amsterdam by their friend and colleague Agent Zwaard.

It’s double trouble!  Young Agent Dolk has been suspended from duty on a trumped up charge of murder as the evil Minister attempts to topple all of the Netherlands Secret Service and instal his own men.

Furthermore the CIA and the FSB are in town trying to get hold of a new psychoactive Remote Viewing Drug developed in The Netherlands by a top Dutch Scientist.

Bertram & Gertrude’s Extra Sensory Spy finds our heroes flying to Amsterdam where they are soon fighting blighters, bounders and cads on several fronts.  Firstly they have to save Dolk and Zwaard and at the same time they get sucked into a battle between the CIA, the FSB and MI6 as they all try to get hold of the new Top Secret Remote Viewing Drug, a dose of which will enable the user see what is going on in a locked room hundreds of miles away.  The CIA must get it.  The FSB want it badly.  MI6 want to ooze into play, wearing their dinner jackets and smoking their Montecristo cigars to make off with the drug for the UK.

The secret formula for the drug is locked inside the scientists head but that’s no problem for the CIA.  They simply kidnap the scientist from his lab and hide him in a safe house, offering him the riches of avarice if he defects to the Land Of The Free.  Otherwise he’s toast…  Soon the Russian FSB catch up and pin them down.

Can the CIA get the scientist out of the country?  Can the FSB stop them and win the scientist and his formula for themselves?  Can MI6 creep in and nab him for Britain?  Can Agent Dolk survive watching daytime TV?  Can Agent Bertram stop eating takeaway food? Can Bertram & Gertrude save Zwaard, Dolk and the Scientist, with only the help Albert Dock and The Amsterdam Ground Dwarves?

The main obstacle to their success is, of course, Bertie’s inability to master anything resembling technology or gadgetry, although he can sniff out a Cumberland sausage and have it sizzling in the frying pan before you could say “second breakfast”.
As well as her spying activities, Gertrude manages to do a spot of match-making and together, she and Bertram make a significant contribution to cordial international relations – unless you happen to be a bad person…


Spoiler :- Whilst reading Bertram & Gertrude’s Extra Sensory Spy, the reader can expect a deliciously happy romantic announcement…  Topped off by a happy ending.

There’s a fast moving, heart stopping climax, to this hilarious and emotionally charged, heart warming adventure.  Don’t miss it.

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