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Regarding Gertrude…

Gertrude Wusser has got where she is by the application of some jolly hard work and lots of dedication.

She was head girl at Miss De Meanour’s Private School for Young Ladies, where her parents sent her at great expense, paid for from the profits of their family business ‘Wusser’s Fish & Chip Emporium’ in Lowestoft.

Gertrude has a younger sister Agnes, also educated at Miss De Meanour’s and with whom Gertrude has a stormy relationship.

Gertrude gained her qualifications in teaching ‘English as a Foreign Language’ at Oxford University during which time she joined the Gilbert & Sullivan society where she met Bertram Mainwaring.  Love blossomed and it was during this relationship that Gertrude developed a taste for happily abandoned, steamy hot, no-holds-barred, perverse and downright filthy, rumpy-pumpy of the most torrid kind.

On gaining her qualifications Gertrude landed a plum job, Lecturing in English, at The University of Istanbul where she worked for nearly twenty five years.

Bertram stood by Gertrude in her decision to work overseas and like a good chap should, prevented his feelings for her from holding her back.

One morning whilst reading her post she came across a letter from Bertram asking if she would like to meet up sometime in the near future…


One thought on “About Gertrude”

  1. Oh goody!… The ebook’s on-line, though you are selling it far too cheaply!
    Charge more and remember the words Perceived Value!
    Right. I’m off out with Bertie for the evening. We have been summoned to a Ministry affair where Bertie has to make a speech!
    I do hope that he gets it right. The last time he spoke in public was to welcome someone called Gandhi into the country. No relation.
    He got mixed up and spent the next fifteen minutes welcoming Mr Gandalf…
    I watched it on the telly and I have never been so embarrassed! Well, maybe when I got caught naked in the vestry, with the vicar at St Primms… but that’s another story.
    Keep up the good work!

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