Latest news from Agent Bertram

Latest news from Agent Bertram

I spent this morning pondering about what a decent chap William Frederick is.

Not only does he make his own marvellous Cumberland sausages, a past time that elevates him to ‘near god like’ status in my opinion but he has also learned how to use the GIMP.  “Sounds a bit pervy,” do I hear you say?  Well it isn’t really.  In this case, it’s nothing to do with strange headwear.  GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and it’s the free-world’s version of Photoshop.  So, if you happen to have a photograph of a Gnu, this is the program to use if you wish to manipulate it.

Mr Frederick is becoming ever more proficient at using this program and has nearly finished his new book cover artwork, using it.  The book should be launched before the year’s end so you will get to see his work then.

If you don’t wish to wait, be not afraid!  This thoroughly decent chap has just made a new promotional image of yours truly pictured lurking in cyber space waiting to catch the bad guys.

Here is a small copy below -:

Agent Bertram – Somewhere in the background


He has also produced an image that’s very close to my heart, that of The Ministry’s coat of arms which I think that you will agree, is a belter! :-

The Ministry Coat Of Arms

As you may know I work directly to Her Majesty in an organisation called the Sovereign Intelligence Ministry, or as we like to call it, The Ministry.  Although we are affiliated to MI5 & MI6, they are not the boss of me.  I work for The Queen!  So sucks to you, MI5 & MI6!


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Agent Bertram. Bertram spends most of his time at The Ministry fulfilling his role as an intelligence analyst, looking after the interests of Her Majesty The Queen and finding ever more ingenious ways to ensure that The Duke of Edinburgh stays out of trouble... When the need arises Agent Bertram is seconded to The Netherlands Secret Service to help his chums fight dastardly crime in Amsterdam. This is where he has most of his thrilling adventures.

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