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A review of Bertram & Gertrude’s Steamy Amsterdam Weekend.
This is from Mr Riis Marshall who has no connection with the author.

5.0 out of 5 stars A fast-paced comedy thriller with some truly naughty bits, 1 April 2014
By Riis Marshall (Northeast Scotland) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Bertram & Gertrude’s Steamy Amsterdam Weekend (Kindle Edition)
I must warn you “Bertram & Gertrude’s Steamy Amsterdam Weekend” contains some seriously steamy stuff, indeed. The author describes it as “a red hot erotic comedy thriller with a splash of romance!” I prefer to describe it “a fast-paced comedy thriller with some truly naughty bits and a great deal of sophisticated smut (with the added bonus of substantial quantities of recreational chemicals).” It also has a happy ending.

To give you some idea what you can expect it might be useful to quote from the Apologia: “The author apologises unreservedly, in advance, for any offence that may be felt in the reading of this narrative, especially to the Chinese, the French, the Welsh, the Dutch, the Irish, the Italians, the Germans, the Americans and even some Scousers….And not to forget, of course, The Netherlands Secret Service, the Netherlands Police Service, The Netherlands Fire Service, The Ministry, certain TV Detectives, Masseuses, Sex Workers and last but not least, Dildo Manufacturers.”

In the course of this book you’ll come to know intimately not only Bertram Mainwaring—our hero, but Gertrude Wusser—the love of his life, Little Bertram, The Chinaman—Won Hung Lo, Teddy-Odd-Ears, Grietja, Officers Otto and Rudi, Agent Zwaard, Ku Chi Koo, Albert Dock and a host of other interesting characters too numerous to mention.

The plot has enough convoluted twists and turns to satisfy the most discerning thriller aficionado and is guaranteed to hold your interest until the very end (well, not the VERY end because the author has cleverly contrived to whet your appetite for the next book in this series of Bertram and Gertrude’s steamy adventures in Amsterdam—watch for it).

Authors are told, ad naseum it seems, to: “Write what you know,” and Frederick has clearly researched this book very well. It’s clear he has spent a great deal of time in Amsterdam immersing himself in the huge range of delicacies this city has to offer. His commitment to his research borders on the obsessive and this is obvious on every page. Those of you who have spent even a little time in Amsterdam will recognize this. He has indeed written what he knows.

The only apparent Amsterdam bright spots absent are The Rijksmuseum, The Van Gogh Museum and the Bulldog Coffee Shop. I really don’t know how he missed these (well, it’s been a long, long time since I was there).

I enjoyed this book very much and I’m sure you will, too.

So, my recommendation is that you buy AND READ this book today! If you don’t Bertie is liable to send around the Kik Squad and you definitely wouldn’t want that to happen (as we speak it’s likely Binkij Dwarf and his team already have you under surveillance).

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Agent Bertram. Bertram spends most of his time at The Ministry fulfilling his role as an intelligence analyst, looking after the interests of Her Majesty The Queen and finding ever more ingenious ways to ensure that The Duke of Edinburgh stays out of trouble... When the need arises Agent Bertram is seconded to The Netherlands Secret Service to help his chums fight dastardly crime in Amsterdam. This is where he has most of his thrilling adventures.

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