Amsterdam Weekend

Bertram & Gertrude’s Amsterdam Weekend

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Imagine this…

Agent Bertram, the epitome of the antiquated British patriot, takes a much needed holiday from his demanding job as a bumbling Intelligence Analyst at The Ministry. He flies to Amsterdam to meet up with Gertrude, after a separation of twenty five years. She is the woman he should have married all those years ago and is still the love of his life.

Will Bertram & Gertrude get on after all this time? Will Gertrude want his body during this Amsterdam Weekend? What would she do with it? Could Gertrude still be that naughty? Why is he asking you?…

As fate would have it, they get seconded into the Dutch Secret Service to help fight a dastardly gang of Chinese, criminal, drugs blighters.

Whilst our two heroes go about their investigations, Bertram is horrified to learn that the wicked gang have kidnapped Gertrude!

Tormented, Bertram has to get her back – whatever the cost!

Why? Because Bertram has finally realised that life without Gertrude is like a pencil with a broken tip – pointless.

Observing ‘Moscow Rules’ and with the help of a bunch of friendly Scousers, who become Bertram’s chums and a borrowed Bee Hive, Bertram extracts his terrible revenge in a heart-pounding climax!

This book’s got it all. Humour, romance, intrigue, titivation (spicy but not porn), heart rending thrills, one or two wee-doobies, the all essential take-away food AND a happy ending!

You will laugh… You may cry… but you won’t want to put your Kindle down until you’ve finished reading Bertram & Gertrude’s Amsterdam Weekend!

…Also, the author’s wife ‘Beloved’ says it’s a Thumping Good Read! So download it now while stocks last!

This book is soon to be republished at Spangaloo!

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6 thoughts on “Amsterdam Weekend”

  1. I say!
    I see that you are selling the book at the new reduced price of £1.97 (ish) depending upon exchange rates.
    Great sizzling sausages, what a splendid idea. Let us get the story out there! The world must be told.
    I hope that the readers enjoy it as much as we did writing it!
    Righty ho, I’m off to do some more sleuthing.


  2. I am very interested in purchasing and reading these books. However, I have researched on the web of my nook after trying to shop on my nook for this one book. It seems that you are restricted only to the ebook amazon kindle and not Barnes and Nobles Nook. Please contact me if by some chance I am incorrect and that my Barnes and Nobles Nook can get your book. If nothing else I will try to make it to a book store somewhere in this state I have just moved to. Still learning my way around. Will look forward to your email return at your earliest convenience. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

    Sinere Thanks,
    Author Kristie Eller

    1. I am sorry to say that I am B&G’s SAW is available only on Kindle at the moment but I do plan to make it available on Nook in the near future. I’ll be in touch to advise when this happens. Thanks for your interest. William.

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