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Here is a selection of reviews taken from Amazon UK.  It is a “Warts And All” approach so the good reviews are accompanied by the bad.  Happily this has not been a problem as this book has attracted fairly good comment (fingers crossed) :-

Book Review Examples.

5.0 out of 5 Stars.  Amazing!
on February 3, 2014
I absolutely adored this book! It was everything you would look for in a good read. Funny, heartwarming, sexy and just amazing. William’s vision was so absolutely astonishing. I felt as if I was sitting right next to the characters. Great debut for author William Frederick!

on November 10, 2013
I chose this star rating because we all need to chill out from time to time. Mr. Frederick made a valiant and, I must say, successful attempt to loosen us up for a while. It works!

on September 28, 2014
Bertram, is a bit off his rocker, but sometimes when you’re an intelligence analyst that helps you to get through. Gertrude is an estranged lover. Twenty five years have passed and the two are getting back together in this humorous, sexy story of mystery and mayhem. Hang on to your seats as the Chinese criminals kidnap poor Gertrude and the fun really starts. What a great read to keep you laughing and cheering.

on October 27, 2014
If you need a good laugh, this book is for you. I am quoting some of Berty’s remarks that had me double up with hysterical fits of laughter “Truth be told it was a long time since he’d seen anyone’s mesmerising sight and he couldn’t believe his luck…Woof, on all 4’s waiting, tongue hanging out panting…high blood pressure does that in the middle-aged”

5.0 out of 5 Stars.  Sexy, Hilarious, and very Dutch!
on July 14, 2014
It would be hard to categorize this book – a mystery, a sexy romp, a comedy – all would apply! The author has a wonderful way of describing hilarious situations, and on more than one occasion I choked on my morning coffee while reading it. Bertram (a quasi secret agent) is a lovable, bumbling character who is loyal to the very end to his one true love, Gertrude. After years apart, they finally get together for a rendezvous in Amsterdam. Things start out normal enough, but the get-together quickly goes off the rails. The couple becomes embroiled in an investigation with the local police department, which brings them into contact with characters that have names like Ms. Ku Chi Choo (insert laughing snort), Schapenvlees Dolk (Google it), and too many more to mention. When they aren’t operating as undercover agents, they are enjoying plenty of tasty, local fare, a spliff or two, and massages.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as well as the thoughtful footnotes the author has provided for those of us who don’t speak fluent dutch, nor speak UK slang. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a great round of belly laughs!

5.0 out of 5 Stars.  Adult Fun and Giggles
on April 15, 2014
Bertram and Gertrude’s meeting in Amsterdam after a 25-year absence in their lives proves you can rekindle old passions in the most uproarious series of events! This book is a fun, adult read. The characters are delightful in their middle-aged fumbling and bumblings. The wit, puns, and outrageous plot keeps you lol and rofl from beginning to end. We all need a little laughter in our lives, and this novel provides it for those not faint of heart.
Erotic, yes, it takes you to the edge without letting you (or the ludicrous characters) fall off the edge. Explicit,yes, but comedy keeps the tone light and delicious. Bertram is a great throwback to a different time and place that just happens to fit, in his odd little way, into our modern do-it-all, say-it-all world. I hope more lively jaunts are planned the future.

5.0 out of 5 Stars.  Amsterdam Review
on January 29, 2014
Bertram & Gertrude take you on a wild ride into the heart of Amsterdam. In many instances they find themselves in hairy situations. Bertram dresses in the old-fashioned way, with pull-over, sleeveless sweaters. Eccentric would better define him. He loves to partake in the herb of Amsterdam’s coffee shops. Sex sells in this city. Come along on this five star adventure … see what Amsterdam is about! Having lived in Holland for four years, I found the book exhilarating, bringing me back to a part of my life which has many memories. It’s a funny book! A little raw-edged too; I haven’t seen a style like William Frederick’s before. .

3.0 out of 5 Stars.  Bertram & Gertrude
on July 15, 2014
An amusing story for mature readers

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Agent Bertram. Bertram spends most of his time at The Ministry fulfilling his role as an intelligence analyst, looking after the interests of Her Majesty The Queen and finding ever more ingenious ways to ensure that The Duke of Edinburgh stays out of trouble... When the need arises Agent Bertram is seconded to The Netherlands Secret Service to help his chums fight dastardly crime in Amsterdam. This is where he has most of his thrilling adventures.

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    1. Thanks Jan, the book has been well received. My main aim is to make folk laugh as laughter is very strong medicine both personally and spiritually.
      One lady from Geneva said that she was getting many bemused looks from her fellow tram passengers as she kept guffawing on the way to work. I now have a small following in Geneva… which is nice!
      Have a good week Jan and enjoy life.

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