What should we do about the BBC?

William Frederick, on the BBC

I’m a British chap.  Well, someone has to be, don’t they?  In the UK we have the BBC.  The BBC are our national broadcaster, funded by the good old TV Licence paying public.  The BBC are known for constantly whining on and on about their funding.  “How can we produce quality output without another £100 kazillion quid (compounded up of course, year on year, just like what the bankers do).  It’s only what we deserve for our balanced, tolerant and enlightened, artistic genius”.  This author disagrees.

The BBC Logo
The BBC. A national asset or just a bunch of over privaledged toffs sponging from the TV License paying public? You must decide!

I used to be a supporter of the BBC but now I have slipped away from them and joined the ever growing throng of people that think they are nothing but a great big fat waste of money.  (Or what our American cousins would call a boondoggle).  No longer do the BBC stand for truth, honesty and fair play.  Now they have their own political agenda.  The BBC have become the home of the luvvie.  A club for posturing leftie do-gooders.  A shrine for the lacklustre.  A haven where interns (the useless offspring of the well connected) stand around all day, drinking lattes.  You can identify an intern very easily by simply asking their name, which will be something like Lettice, Peregrine, Epiphany or Rafferty.  Of course, if you listen to their ‘heads-of’ (everyone at the BBC is the ‘head of’ something or other), they are all fabulous and we should consider ourselves grateful to have them.  …Okay Yah!  What’s more they are criminally over paid!  (See comments for clarification)

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that have recently made off with my goat.  The Beeb or Aunty (to use their 1970s sobriquets) is a nationalised broadcasting organisation that used to be known for its quality output.  This must be true because Whoopi Goldberg used to say so in one of their self-advertisements.

That quality has at the very least become questionable and some would say that it has simply gone, which will become more apparent as I progress through the following few topics.

An image of BBC W1A
BBC – W1A an icon of Modern TV Production or an expensive playground for Yuppies, paid for by License Paying saps the British public?

Gender Issues & Diversity

A few weeks ago I looked at the listings on BBC iPlayer and was aghast at what I saw.  I honestly thought that I’d arrived at the wrong website and was looking at something American.

Gazing down the listings it became apparent that we should consider it a treat to be given ‘Young Welsh and Pretty Skint’.  Somehow this did not appeal to me as I’m old, skint and live in Scotland, so I moved on.

Next there were any number of programmes about gender issues, none of which warranted broadcasting by anyone, unless they were either pathologically debased or addicted to the tacky.

A transvestite weirdo enters Eurovision
Transvestites have infiltrated The Eurovision Song Contest!

One heap of tripe to catch my eye was ‘Miss Transgender : Britain’s New Beauty Queens’, blurrrghh!  I was astounded at the number of so-called programmes about ‘Transexuals’.  I cite: ‘Transexual Stories’, some bilge about five men who want to be girls… (which will no doubt be sequelled by ‘Strapadicktome Quintet’, an equally banal heap of parrot droppings about five girls wanting to become men); then there was ‘Transexual in Iran’ – good luck to him, that’s what I say…; next came ‘Transexual Teen, Beauty Queen’, more bilge…; and not finally (but I wish it was), ‘Heaven’, a struggling architect who meets Heaven, a transexual stripper who can see into the future.  Gosh!  How lucky are we?  Personally, I wouldn’t feel very safe in any building designed by him!

Then another offering presented itself in the guise of a Storyville production called ‘Prodigal Sons’ about, guess what, a transexual film maker… whoopie to that… ; on a more facile note, we were also to be treated to ‘One Non Blonde: Down Under’ – apparently Dido was to meet the world’s first Transexual MP.  Ah yes, Dido, well known for her incisive and penetrating intellect.

Oh-oh-oh… and there was ‘Unsafe Sex In The City’, well you can guess what that was about. Episode-2, a young and screamingly effeminate gay porn worker and his live-in chum…  My advice?  Take these two shirt-lifting pansies and make them work on a building site!

An image of Richard Obrien noted transvestite.
A transvestite lounging at the BBC

There was more of this crap but if I went into any more detail every one of my major arteries would twist into its very own Gordian Knot in an effort to save humankind.

Before I vomited over my laptop and slipped into the safety of a dissociative fugue, two questions came to mind.  The first was, why are we supposed to find this unmitigated shit even remotely interesting? And secondly (and it’s a question that I find myself asking more frequently nowadays), what is this bloody world coming to?

An image of BBC Television Centre
BBC – An icon all over the world, BBC Television Centre

Have you seen The Hollow Crown?  If this production is to be believed there were more gay and black people ruling England during the time of Richard II, Henry IV & V and during The Wars Of The Roses than there were white, straight folk.  This isn’t diversity, it’s insanity!

A photo of cast members from The Hollow Crown
The Hollow Crown A BBC production with a very strange cast..
A photo of cast members from The Hollow Crown
The Hollow Crown when Britain was ruled by…  Is it because I is black?

I may be old-fashioned and naïve but I see the BBC’s tyrannical promotion of the loud, the tawdry and the salacious in the name of ‘Diversity and Gender Issues’ as a completely unacceptable agenda designed to destabilise our society and turn it into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah!  What’s more, I am able to tell you who is behind it…


The BBC tell us that they report in an honest, level and balanced manner on the world of politics.  “Do they bollocks!” say I.

an image of he newly refurbished BBC W1A buildings
The newly refurbished BBC W1A buildings

The BBC’s bias over the Scottish referendum is now a thing of historical record, so often were they called-out over it.  Their shameful support of the ‘Better Together’ campaign showed us that they are, in part at least, no more than a propaganda machine for the Crown.  I don’t mean that The Queen was telling them what to do but MI5 certainly were… and they work for The Crown.

The BBC’s coverage of the EU Referendum to date, has been equally as bad.  I was appalled over the Andrew Marr interview with Boris Johnson where Marr said that this was not the Boris Johnson show, it was the Andrew Marr Show and that he had complete sovereignty over what was going to be discussed.  In short, he wouldn’t let Johnson complete a sentence and shut his BREXIT message down every time he tried to make a point.

An image of the BBC Pacific Quay building
The BBC Pacific Quay building

Did you know that UKIP formally complained to the BBC over the exclusion of Nigel Farage from the final live television clash between party leaders before the 2015 General Election?  Did you know that Farage had to make a further complaint because he was not initially invited to any of the pre-EU Referendum debates on BBC TV?  He may be a loud mouth but he is a leading figure in the BREXIT campaign, so why was he not invited?

I’m no friend of George Galloway but do you remember the audience’s ambush on BBC’s Question Time programme 06/02/2015?  A more ‘single issue’ audience would be difficult to find, unless you walked into a synagogue!  There must have been a great deal of shenanigans by the BBC to arrange this but they get away with it time after time.

An image of a BBC building
Another BBC building!


The BBC tell us that in today’s world they have to chase ratings.  Why?
It does not make sense for an organisation that purports to stand for quality to chase ratings.  When you look intelligently at the issue the two are mutually exclusive.  If the BBC wish to be recognised for a quality output as per their remit, they cannot get down in the gutter and trade blows with the likes of Murdoch over prurience.  Fighting for ratings is a race to the bottom.

A photo of inactivity at BBC Grafton House
Interns ‘loafing around’ at BBC Grafton House

Sadly, the BBC’s day is done.  We must either scrap it or reinvent it in line with today’s world.  We must banish the social justice warriors who are using the BBC as their own political soap box, the screaming feminist virtue signalling single issue man-haters and the limp-wristed goody-two-shoes poofs who really wanted to be dance instructors.  And finally, let’s get rid of useless tossers like David Dimbleby who couldn’t chair a debate with any degree of authority if it bit him on the bottom!  Every time we view ‘Question Time’ it’s like waiting for a car crash to happen, before someone starts to rant and the other panelists heckle and he loses control.  We know it’s going to occur, just not when.

Another BBC building
Another BBC building!

Leave the trash to Rupert Murdoch and Hollywood and their cohorts.  It’s what they do.  Don’t jump down into the gutter with them.  That’s what the hidden faces who are trying to destabilise Europe want the BBC to do.  We must take the BBC and rework it back into the model of decency, quality, integrity and fair play that it was meant to be.

Vote for me and I’ll set you freeeeeee!

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3 thoughts on “What should we do about the BBC?”

  1. Well done William! It’s high time that someone spoke out about the BBC. When I order them to put out some propaganda (on behalf of Her Majesty of course) they invariably mess up and I get a recipe for scones instead. They are utterly, utterly, utterly, useless. Get rid of them say I! – Agent Bertram – @AgentBertram

    1. Thanks Mr-Prince-Herbert!
      I forgot to mention that the blighters are all totally overpaid. I shall add it in, in red crayon, in tribute to your good self sir!

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